Top 10 Best University for Law Degrees in USA

Top 10 Best University for Law Degrees in USA

There are a number of world-renowned law schools in the US, making the country one of the top places to go to if you wish to study for a law degree.

Students who complete a course of study at a law school in the US will graduate with a juris doctor (JD) degree. The JD programmes normally lasts three years for full-time students and four years for part-time students. Teaching is based on the British system of common law, which is not used in every country, so international students might not necessarily be able to practise in their home country without taking further courses or exams.

The US legal system consists of judicial, regulatory and governmental authorities that work together to enforce laws across federal, state and local levels. Every state has its own government, which holds legal and administrative jurisdiction within its limits.

These are the best universities in the US for law degrees.

Top 10 Best University for Law Degrees in USA

1. Yale University

There are five degree programmers offered at Yale Law School: the JD programmer; master of laws; doctor of the science of law; master of studies in law; and the PhD in law. The school also offers joint degrees with other academic disciplines.

Yale Law School allows students to take clinics and appear in court during the spring of their first year, which is unusual among law schools. There are almost 30 clinics available for students to choose from, and students may take more than one clinic.

The Law School organizes a range of events and workshops throughout the year. These include the Bert Wasserman Workshop in Law and Finance and the Abdallah S. Kamel Lectures on Islamic Law and Civilization.

An Ivy League school that has been one of the leading American institutions since its inception in 1701, Yale University in New Haven, CT, stands out for its residential college system, elite academics and consistent production of American leaders.

Undergraduate studies are organized under Yale College, and research is a major point of emphasis at the school, with more than 800 science, math and labs at the university and more than 95% of undergraduate science majors participating in faculty-led research. History, political science and economics are among the most popular majors.

2. Stanford University

Stanford Law School was established in 1893 and has since become one of the world’s leading law schools.

There are three types of joint degree programmes available at Stanford Law School: JD/master’s; JD/MD and JD/PhD. These degrees are offered across 21 different subject areas.

The school also offers four advanced degree programmes: master of laws; the Stanford programme in international legal studies; master of legal studies; and the doctor of the science of law degree.

Stanford Law School works closely with the Mills Legal Clinic. Within this are 11 clinics where students work on real cases in areas including criminal defence, environmental law, immigrants’ rights and religious liberty. All the clinics are directed by faculty members.

Stanford Law School set up the law and policy lab to encourage students to engage in public policy. Under the guidance of staff, students advise clients on a range of areas including energy and the environment, education, and copyright and patent reform.

Stanford is a major hub for research, conducting more than 6,000 externally-sponsored projects and boasting a $1.63 billion research budget. Stanford makes it possible for all its admitted students to attend, with almost half of all undergraduates receiving scholarships based on financial need alone. Best University for Law Degrees in USA

3. Harvard University

The first institution of higher learning in the U.S., Harvard University is often viewed as the gold standard for higher education.

Part of nearly four centuries of academic excellence, undergraduate students at Harvard can choose from 50 concentrations, participate in world-class research opportunities, or take advantage of the largest academic library in the world. Students at Harvard can also delve into history: the university’s museums are stewards of more than 28 million works of art, artifacts, specimens, materials and instruments.

Top 10 Best University for Law Degrees in USA

4. Columbia University

One of the eight Ivy Leagues, Columbia University is among the oldest and most prestigious research universities in the country. Columbia’s academic cornerstone — and also a focus of debate — is its Core Curriculum.

All undergraduates are required to pass a set of common courses encompassing areas from literature and humanities to the sciences. Columbia offers both need-blind and need-based financial aid only in the form of grants and student work─loans are not used to meet financial aid. Best University for Law Degrees in USA

5. The University of Chicago

The Law School at The University of Chicago offers the JD programme for undergraduate students. There are two master’s degree programmes available, too: the master of laws and the master of legal studies, which is a one-year course for PhD students. The school also offers two graduate degrees beyond the master’s level: doctor of jurisprudence and doctor of comparative law.

The Socratic method is the most widely used teaching method at the school. This method engages law students in a dialogue around some of the most complex legal and social problems. It helps students to prepare for the pressured environment of a boardroom, a courtroom or a legislative chamber.

Research is conducted at the university’s numerous research centres, such as the Kreisman Initiative on Housing Law and Policy and the Centre for Law, Philosophy and Human Values. The Law School publishes its research in six professional journals, three of which are edited by students.

6. Duke University

A range of degree programmes are available at the Duke University School of Law, including the JD programme; master’s in international and comparative law; master’s in law and entrepreneurship: JD/master’s joint degree programmes; master’s for international law graduates; and the SJD (a doctorate programme for students with outstanding academic credentials).

Duke Law’s clinical programme provides students with the opportunity to combine theory with practice. There are 11 clinical courses available for students to develop their legal knowledge and practical skills. These include the children’s law clinic, the community enterprise clinic and the health justice clinic.

Outside the classroom, there are a variety of student clubs and organisations. The Duke Bar Association (DBA) is responsible for organising the professional, social and other extracurricular activities for the student body. Other clubs include Duke Law basketball, the fashion law society, the international law society and the Latin American law students association. Best University for Law Degrees in USA

7. New York University

New York University’s School of Law was established in 1835. New York University (NYU) is a private research university in New York City.

The School of Law offers the JD for undergraduate students. Also offered are dual JD degrees in various fields such as taxation, international law, economics, history, philosophy or politics and French studies. There are a number of graduate programmes available, as well as LLM dual degrees with other schools including the University of Melbourne Law School and the National University of Singapore.

There are more than 40 clinics and externships at NYU such as the Centre for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and the Centre for Environmental, Energy and Land Use Law, which give students the opportunity to gain real-life legal experience.

Students also have the opportunity to study abroad as part of NYU Law Abroad in Buenos Aires and Paris.

8. University of Pennsylvania

Nearly 280 years after Benjamin Franklin broke new ground in founding the University of Pennsylvania, this Ivy League college’s students, alumni and faculty continue to blaze trails in leadership and excellence. It is a top choice for students who want high-academics and a robust social life.

The Wharton School was the first collegiate business school in the world and is one or the largest of Penn’s four undergraduate schools—the others are the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of Nursing. Best University for Law Degrees in USA

9. University of Virginia

Rooted in tradition, the University of Virginia in Charlottesville carries on many of the standards its founder, Thomas Jefferson, established two centuries ago. UVA—one of the original public Ivies—consists of 11 schools and the College at Wise, a liberal arts college in Wise, VA, about 5 hours away.

Undergraduates can choose from over 80 degrees; the university also offers graduate programs. Summer Session and January Term classes provide students with special-interest and niche topics not offered0 during the traditional academic year.

Top 10 Best University for Law Degrees in USA

10. Northwestern University

Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, is a top research institutions in the country and allows students to pursue a wide range of academic disciplines during their undergraduate career.

Students can choose among more than 190 majors, minors, certificates and concentrations. NU is home to the highly regarded Medill School of Journalism, the Kellogg School of Management and Pritzker School of Law.

Best University for Law Degrees in USA

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